About Progress for Mental Health

Progress for Mental Health is a national charitable organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the one in five Canadians living with mental illness.

We believe without mental health, there is no health. That is why we are working towards a world where mental health is treated equally to physical health.

Our Work

Mental health research is essential because we don't understand enough about all the causes of mental health problems, or how we might prevent them, or even, how and why treatments and interventions work.

Our focus is on science, discovery and innovation. We do it by funding mental health research and programs. We support Canada’s best talent that will revolutionize mental health through research and innovations that have real-world impact.

We are interested in diverse ideas, perspectives and cross-discipline viewpoints. Our patient-centred strategy embraces people with lived experience, family members and caregivers and is science-based.

We collaborate with industry, corporations, foundations, individuals and all levels of government to discover innovative approaches to mental health.​

Progress for Mental Health is a proud member of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL).


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Board of Directors

Brian Storseth
Chairman & Co-Founder
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Dr. Gregory M. Brown, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FRSC
Board Member, Scientific Committee Chair & Co-Founder
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Amel Storseth
Board Member & Secretary
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Bryan Henry
Board Member
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Darren Poirier
Board Member
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